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In 2012, God called Dr. James C. Mills to plant a church in Wilkes County, NC that preaches and teaches God's sovereign grace in salvation in keeping with historic biblical Christianity.  Desiring the recovery of the Gospel and the biblical reformation of the Church, Word of Grace Baptist Church (WOGBC) was formed in the Spring of 2013 meeting in a Physical Therapy Clinic in North Wilkesboro, NC.

Using the Vision Statement drafted by Pastor Chris at our inception as a base text, Word of Grace Baptist Church was constituted in October of 2016 - expanded and revised in 2021.  In November of 2018, WOGBC relocated to a property off Hwy 16N in Wilkesboro, NC in what was formerly a child care center.  Currently, WOGBC meets every Sunday and Wednesday in worship and service to God, and actively seeks foreign (and domestic) missions as the Lord provides opportunity.  See our calendar for upcoming events and changes.


​We have been blessed with foreign missions in Sonaguera and Tele Atlantidad in Honduras disseminating the Gospel in their schools, prisons, and on live television. Our missionaries have also been engaged in providing evangelism training for pastors in the area. We have, by God's grace and provision, provided thousands of Spanish Bibles to the area.

Our missionaries have also worked in Burundi and Uganda to spread the Gospel of grace and training pastors in biblically sound doctrine in direct opposition to the Prosperity (Word of Faith) movement that is so prevalent there.


Seeking God through His Spirit and Word in all matters of doctrine, practice, and worship, Word of Grace has seen much spiritual growth since its inception, and we pray that this great blessing will continue as the church seeks the Lord in its worship, service, and ministries.

We continue in prayer that God will use Word of Grace Baptist Church as a beacon of hope serving our community and proclaiming the Gospel of grace with an eye to His glory.

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